Visas and Migrating to Australia

Living In Australia

Australia is a great country to study, work and live in. It is constantly ranked as one of the most liveable places in the world. A great lifestyle and high incomes with Medicare and pension make Australia a sought after migration destination. Coming to Australia is a privilege and our government has particular and specific rules and laws about the visa process.

Obtaining an Australian Visa

The process of qualifying for, applying and successfully obtaining an Australian Visa whether it be temporary such as a student visa or permanent such as a residency visa is a complex and often confusing process due to the various requirements and criteria such as qualifications, English language skills, work experience and occupational assessment.

This process is made difficult further by the large amount of law and regulation contained in the Migration Act, Regulations and Schedules along with interpreting policy and court decisions.

A simple error such as confusing time of application requirements from time of grant requirements can often be fatal to an application. Our immigration law is unforgiving in that a visa application refusal often means that a further visa application cannot be made.

How We Can Help

Our law firm is also a registered migration agency with our own access to lodging visa applications and also we are passionate immigration lawyers and able to argue appeals and reviews in courts and tribunals. We are able to handle all immigration and visa matters.

We regularly prepare and lodge visa applications for:

  • Permanent Residency: skilled independent, state sponsorship, regional and family sponsored
  • Partner Visas: marriage and de-facto relationships
  • Work Visas: short term and long term work visas, employer sponsorship and nominations
  • Temporary Graduate Visas: work visas for Australian graduates
  • Refugee Visas: options for persons facing persecution and harm in their home countries
  • Family Violence visas: options for persons in an abusive temporary partner visa relationship
  • Ministerial Intervention: applications for ministerial consideration for special circumstances
  • Detention: seeking the release of persons detained for not having a valid visa
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal: representing and arguing merits review for appeals
  • Federal Court Appeals: representing and arguing for judicial review of merits review outcomes

Feel free to contact us with your visa and migration inquiry and our friendly team will be happy to consult with you to examine which is the best visa pathway and assist you with your visa and migration dreams.